Family Tree Maker 2019 Upgrade Review

The family tree maker 2019 has been providing its service for the last 30 years. It’s one of the best genealogy software used in America. Family tree maker 2019 helps a user to discover the family history, preserve the heritage and share the legacy.

Family tree maker 2019 is the upgraded version of the software. The release date of the FTM 2019 software is 29th September 2019. The release takes place on the 30th  anniversary of the software.

With the family tree maker 2019 upgrade users have more options to manage data, use advanced features to build trees. A wide range of charts and reports are also introduced in the update.

In this article, we will review the family tree maker 2019 software. We will also discuss the queries FTM 2019 users have.

What’s New in Family Tree Maker 2019?

1 – TreeVault Cloud Services

TreeVault is a cloud service that helps a user to store a copy of the tree. In case, if users lost the tree data then the user can restore data from the TreeVault Cloud. TreeVault Cloud offers the following features: –

a – Emergency tree restore services: – This feature keeps track of each update in the tree by default. In an emergency, data can be restored using this feature.

b – Historical weather: – Now, put color in family stories with more than billion weather records.

c – Next of Kin: – This feature helps a user to pass on the family tree to successors. Users will get a will that includes passcode, instructions and license. Users can pass the will to successors. It’s better to provide successors with access to the family tree maker and its media.

d – Family tree maker Content: – Through this feature now users can see their family tree from their mobiles anytime and anywhere. It is a mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android.  Users can see the tree even if the computer is off. It also allows users to share their tree with their relatives.

2 – Tree Browser – This feature in FTM 2019 software helps the user to view  trees, organized by “Recent,” “All Trees,” “FTM Folder,” “Ancestry,” and “TreeVault.” Users can see details like size, number of people In media, creation and modification. Users can create, delete and open trees through this window. 

3 – Profile Picture Perfection- This tool helps a user to crop profile pictures. This tool detects the face and crops the profile picture size image. This tool does not use the original photo, it crops the image size image and saves it. This tool uses smart technology to detect a person’s face.

4 – Folder Counters – This feature is used to see the number of web links, media, personal notes, fact source and task tabs.

5 – Smart Filters – Smart filter features help users to put smart filters. This feature helps a user to save the data in which peoples are filtered according to filter criteria. Suppose, you filter the list of people who are born in California then it will show the list of peoples who are born in California.

The next time you add a person who is born in California then it will automatically add the person in the filtered list as well.

6 – Hints in the Index – In, family tree maker 2019 users can see green Ancestry leaves and Family Search hints in people index. Index hints load for the people who are visible in the index. Once the searches are loaded then you can see them in the index.

7 – Turn Back Time  – This feature allows users to roll back in time and make changes. If a user wants to restore the changes made in the past then the user can use this feature to roll back changes.

8 –  Photo Darkroom – It is a new tool introduced in the software. This tool helps a user to print the faded photo like the time it was printed.

9 – Charts & Reports – Now, users can use a variety of charts and reports to use their tree.

10 – Media Organization – This tool helps the user to organize media in a better way. Users can scan images directly to the tree and can even create a slideshow of the images.

11 – Ancestors on the map – Now users can put their ancestors on map. The amazing street and satellite map view helps a user to mark the migration path of their ancestors from birth to death.

12 – Family tree maker 2019 Companion Guide – This is a free digital pdf guide which offers a step by step tour to the software.

Enhanced features in the Software

1 – Rich Color Coding in Family Tree Maker 2019

The rich color-coding feature was introduced in FTM 2017, the feature is enhanced in the update. This feature allows users to put different colors on their ancestors. It allows users to put a different color for descendants. This tool is helpful when viewing the tree in the graphical view.

2 –  FamilySearch Integration 2.0 

 FamilySearch Integration 2.0 is the upgrade of the  FamilySearch Integration which was introduced in FTM 2017. These features provide hints of the user to match profiles in the tree.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Software FAQ

Here we have discussed some common queries which users have.

How much is Family Tree Maker 2019?

The price of the software is $84.95. Users will get 1 year of free tree vault services with the software.

How to download family tree maker 2019?

Registered users have already received a family tree maker download link and for the new users they have to buy the software. To know more about how to download family tree maker 2019, click on the link.

Is Family Tree Maker compatible with Windows 10?

Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 are compatible with the software. The software needs 2 GB of RAM ( 4 GB recommended ) and 900 MB of hard disk with a screen resolution of   1024 x 768.

Is Family Tree Maker compatible with MAC? 

MAC X 10.10, MAC OS 10.15 and later versions are compatible with the software.  The software needs 2 GB of RAM ( 4 GB recommended ) and 900 MB of hard disk with a screen resolution of   1280 x 800.

How do I transfer the Family Tree Maker to a new computer?

If you want to transfer family tree maker to new computer then here are the steps which you need to follow: –

From the start, menu select my computer

Find the USB flash drive option and open it

Find the icon for the family tree on a flash drive

Now right-click and select copy

Plugin the dash drive to the computer in which you want to transfer the files and paste it.

Can I put Family Tree Maker on more than one computer?

Yes, family tree maker 2019 can be installed in more than 3 computers.

How do I print my entire ancestry family tree?

To print the entire ancestry family tree follow the steps: –

Log in to Ancestry and from any page click tree tabs and select any tree

Select pedigree or family view on the left side of the tree

Select the part of the tree you want to print

In the top left corner click print and then ok.

How do I merge trees in Ancestry?

You cannot merge trees in Ancestry but you can copy people one by one into Ancestry.

If you are an existing user of the software then it’s worth upgrading with a lot of advanced features. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below.

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