Family tree maker on multiple computers

Family tree maker (FTM) is generally a genealogy software that is built for windows and Mac. It lets the researchers keep a record of information collected in the time of their research and to produce reports, charts, and books containing that whole information. This software was created by Kenneth Hess.  

You can now easily use Family tree makers on more than one computer! Yes, it’s possible now. You don’t have to worry about that. It’s a matter of fact that only one device can use the Family Tree Maker license. We now use multiple devices like a desktop and a laptop at home. Often we want to use Family Tree Maker on the computer, while sometimes for our convenience we use the laptop. We have to depend on the situation and circumstances to choose to use the phones.

On a Windows laptop or MacBook Pro and iMac, we often use the Family Tree Maker. Your system must have a license to use Family Tree Maker on other phones. And it’s not hard and expensive to get several licenses at all. By purchasing the Family Pack 3–Family Tree Maker’s Computer License you have to pay a small charge to use up to 3 phones. The one license for online downloading is a few dollars, and the Family Pack for up to three computers is little more than that.

How to download & Install Family Tree Maker On a computer?

Follow the steps given below to download and install Family tree maker 2019 in your computer:

Firstly go to the family tree maker 2019 upgrade web page. Then Fill in the details and after that, click on the blue box “VERIFY USER” button.

On getting the correct details verified, users will see a notification on the page as “THANK YOU FOR THE YOUR PURCHASE” of family tree maker 2019. After that users are required to press “CONTINUE”.

Users will have three options on the following web page:




Users have an option to download the family tree maker 2019 in all the three options and it’s up to the user if they wish to add up DVD or USB also. After selecting the preferred option, users need to press the “NEXT” button.

On to the following page, users will get an option of family Pack. Then you have to press the “SHOW DETAILS” option to read the details regarding the Family Pack license. If a user wants to have the family pack then the user can add it to their cart.

Users will be forwarded to the “Gift Center” web-page. Users are now authorized to choose over the offers and add them to the cart. Then press the” NEXT” button which will lead you to the gift center. Add or remove products from your cart as per the requirement, users need to press the” ORDER NOW” button.

Now, users need to fill up order information for family tree maker 2019 software and press “NEXT”.

Positively recheck before pressing the “COMPLETE ORDER” button on the web page, after filling complete order details. The following web-page includes a download link for family tree maker 2019 software (Windows as well as Mac). Users will get a link for downloading the family tree maker 2019 installer within the registered email. Now the next step is to simply download and install family tree maker 2019 software.

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