How to fix Roku Error Code 009?

n this article, you are going to learn how to fix Roku error code 009. Due to the Roku error code 009 users are unable to use Roku devices. In this article, we are sharing some tips to troubleshoot Roku errors.

What is Roku error code 009?

Roku error code 009” is a code that a user sees when the Roku device is connected with the router but it fails to establish a connection with the internet. This issue can also be triggered if the device is facing an authentication issue or is disconnected. In this error, the Roku device does not recognize the signals and starts displaying error messages.

What are the Reasons for Roku Error Code 009?

Here, we have found some issues due to which the error occurs. They are: – 

DNS Cache: There may be chances where the DNS configurations which are cached by the router to connect with the internet might get corrupted. The corrupt DNS cache can cause the error.

Internet Connection: Check if you have a good internet connection. If your internet connection is facing frequent disconnection then it prevents the device from connecting with the servers. The servers need to be fast and stable in order to stream content without any interruption.

Loose Cables: It is highly recommended to check the cables. Due to loose cables, you might face Roku error code 009.

Device Configuration: Device configuration is also one of the main reasons for Roku error code 009. Many times, the problem lies within the device, the error is caused due to corrupt software. 

How to Resolve the Error? 

Fix 1: Restart the Roku Device

If you want to fix Roku error code 009 then power -cycling the Roku device, Through power-cycling, you can clear the DNS cache as well plus the error caused due to conflict in the launch configuration can be resolved.

Here are the steps which you need to follow,

1: Power off the Roku device.

2: Unplug the power cord from the socket.

3: Plug the power button and turn on the button.

4: Turn on the device.

Fix 2: Reset the Network Settings

The functionality of the Roku device can get limited due to network configurations. In order to reset network configurations follow the steps. 

1: Log in to your Roku account.

2: Select the settings and click on the System option.

3: Now, you will see a new screen where you have to select “system restart” and select the “Network connection reset” option.

4: The device will restart. After the device is on, go to settings and select the “Network” option.

5: Now, go to the “wifi” option. Now you need to select “Setup a New Wifi Connection Option”.

6: Select the wifi to connect to which you want to connect and then you need to select “I am at home”. Option.

7: Now, select the “Automatic” option and enter the password.

8: Check for the connection establishment.

Fix 3: Reset Roku Software

Many times, due to corrupt software issues the Roku error code 009 occurs. Therefore, users need to reset Roku software. Here are the steps which the user needs to follow:

1: Log in to your Roku account.

2: Select the system option.

3: Now select “system restart” and select the “factory reset option”.

4: Check for the device to restart and check for the connection.

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Conclusion: If the Roku error code 009 issue arises after following all the fixes then you can contact Roku customer service. You can chat with a live technician who will help you in troubleshooting Roku error code 009.

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