Roku Not Connecting to WiFi?

Roku not connecting to WiFi? If you are also facing Roku won’t connect to WiFi, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn how to fix the Roku internet problem.

Users face problems regarding internet issues due to which Roku stopped working. In this article, we have discussed how to fix Roku not connecting to WiFi.

What are the reasons for Roku not connecting to WiFi?

Here are the reasons due to which WiFi internet issues occur.

1: Internet Issue – Make sure to check your internet connection issue. If your internet is not working properly then you can connect Roku with WiFi.

2: WiFi Device – Check your WiFi device. Is it connected to power and working properly?

3: Wrong Password – If you are not entering the correct password. Make sure to enter the right password or you will not be able to connect Roku to Wifi.

How to Fix Roku Not Connecting to WiFi Issue?

Roku is considered as one of the stable streaming devices. Roku stops working on some rare occasions. Roku not connecting to WiFi is one of the rare problems which users face. Users can see a red “X” which means that your internet is not working. Here we have listed some methods through which you can resolve the issue.

If you see Roku not connected to an internet message on the screen then follow these steps.

Note: Devices may ask for restart permission when you follow these steps which are most likely to troubleshoot the problem.

WiFi device is far from the Roku device

 WiFi singles strength diminish with the distance or by physical obstructions. If your WiFi device and Roku device are in distance from each other, kindly move the WiFi device and Roku device close to each other. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best one.

Roku Overheating

Roku devices get heated if they are used for the long term. Roku devices do not have any onboard fans for cooling. It relies on the atmosphere’s temperature for cooling. Check if your Roku device is heated or not. Leave the device for some time and check the temperature by just touching.

Check If WiFi Devices Are Working

If your Roku is not connecting to WiFi, the first thing you need to check is your WiFi device. You need to check if your Wifi is working by a simple test.

Connect your phone with Wifi and then check the internet. If you can use the internet then the Wifi device is working if not then you need to check the Roku device or check the password you are entering to connect Roku with Wifi.

Power Cycle the Roku and Router / Modem

If you have seen an internet service provider, the first thing they do is to power off and then power on the Roku device and router. Here are the steps which you need to follow.

1: Power off your Router and Roku device for 1 minute.

2: Power on your Router and Roku device.

Sometimes devices need a reboot to operate properly. This is also known as a reboot. After completing the process check your internet connectivity.

Wrong IP Address in Roku Settings

This is a very rare issue but you need to check for this. In any case, if your IP address is set to manual, it is recommended to change the IP address to Automatic. After making the changes save them and restart the Roku streaming device.

Wrong WiFi Password

Check for the password you are using. If you are using an old or incorrect password then your Roku not connecting to the WiFi issue occurs. Make sure you use the updated password. 

Disable Network Pings on Roku

By disabling network pings you can see an improvement in the Roku streaming device performance. You need to activate a secret settings menu through which you can disable network pings. 

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